How to Mute Notification on Facebook Messenger?

Mute facebook messenger notification – Facebook is used worldwide and it is a popular social media site used almost every individual nowadays. It’s a great site to share pictures, posts, information, and videos. Every minute, thousands of posts get updated. It is a great platform to stay connected with family and friends.

Mute facebook messenger notification

Mute facebook messenger notification

Each individual at some point contributes to flaunt themselves or their businesses. The messenger app of the facebook is to connect the people with each other. Also, you can mute facebook messenger notification when you wish to.

Notifications on screen, again and again, are quite annoying in nature. For this, all you have to do is just mute the conversations that you want to. For this, you have to follow some steps to make it happen. It is quite simple and just on a few clicks, you can do that in seconds.

Mute Facebook Messenger Notification

  • Launch the facebook messenger app
  • Click on the chat box that you want to mute
  • Select the notification tab and turn off the toggle button
  • Make the time period for muting

Alternative Way To Mute Conversation

  • Launch the facebook messenger app
  • Hold the chat box which you want to mute
  • Select mute conversation from the list
  • Select the time duration to mute

Muting conversation is the finest way with which you can stay away from the annoying notification of messages. For further query, is a wise advice to connect at.

How Is Facebook Messenger Beneficial?

Share files: you can share files easily from your phone, laptop or PC, and from other devices. Just on a single click, you are done with sharing.

360 Degree Image: This is the latest feature where you can click an image and share it with the 360-degree approach.

Group Chats: Groups are created in the messenger to stay connected with different individuals time. It can be a professional group, friends group, community group, and other. Messenger gives a platform to share the ideas, files, and information to different people required at the same time. You can also Mute facebook messenger notification if you need at times.

Record the voice message: If you are not comfortable in typing, all you can do is just record your message and send it to the contacts.

Send money: You can send the money to the contacts. Make sure to connect your debit or credit card for the further process. Feel free to send money without any hassle.

Share your location: If you are not able to explain your location to others, share your location on the facebook messenger so that accuracy is maintained.

Secret Encrypted Conversation: Facebook got rumors about not having the privacy earlier but now, the conversation and the information is encrypted and all you can do is just enjoy the privacy. You may need the assistance at times, mostly when you are using Facebook for business. For any further query, visit to connect to the support team for 24/7 assistance.

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