Common McAfee Installation Errors and Their Solutions

Mcafee Installtion Errors

Your subscription expired

You can check whether the subscription period of all the McAfee products you have obtained during your McAfee account.

On peak of the’My Account’ page, then click on’My Account’ and then, on’Subscriptions’. Choose’All Expired’ to find which of one’s security services and products have perished, and’View Active’ to find those continue to be valid.

If the subscription of one’s McAfee security has expired, you need to’Renew’ it to trigger it.

Your account is locked

If you have forgotten your email address or your own password, just click the appropriate connection to retrieve the exact info.

Do note that the McAfee will not comprehend the various kinds of the very same email address. By way of example, and will not be known as different versions of the exact same email .

In the same way, mcafee passwords have only letters and numbers. They do not recognize alpha numeric characters. When you try to retrieve your password, it’s sent to a registered email ID.

In case, you still cannot get into your account, contact McAfee Customer Service.

Our experts can help you via live chat to diagnose and trouble shoot the installation difficulties, and eliminate any conflicting security computer software.

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