McAfee Total Protection Review

mcafee total protection review

McAfee Total Protection Review

McAfee Antivirus is a software that has earned a great name in the world of PC Security. It is also well known for providing high-quality antivirus protection against online web threats. This software offers a versatile range of products among which McAfee Total Protection is the best product. 

What do you mean by McAfee Total Protection?

In addition to your award-winning apps, McAfee Complete Security provides a wide variety of security to help safeguard your computers, privacy, and identity. You can get full protection for Windows, Mac and mobile devices just by subscribing to a single package. 

McAfee Total Protection – Plans

McAfee Total Protection offers three different kinds of plans for  Individual, Multi-Device, and Family. Users can buy any of the subscription plans as per their needs and convenience. All of them offer the same features that are explained below. 

Besides this, McAfee Total Protection includes one extra feature then Individual that is Identity Theft Protection. Identity Theft Protection is a tool to protect your confidential data from unauthorized access. Due to which no hacker or any other person can hack your information. 

Plan for your Family includes one more feature than Identity Theft Protection that is Safe Family. This feature provides complete security to your family against online threats just with one subscription. You can also look at the actions of your children surfing online. 

Characteristics of Mcafee Total Protection

  • Award-winning antivirus protection-

 McAfee Total Protection is an application software that gives you unbeatable and unmatched protection against all kinds of threats. These threats may include spyware, ransomware, trojans, rootkits, etc. This program offers advanced and enhanced security features that will scan and detect viruses on a regular basis and within seconds. 

  • Comprehensive Internet Security- 

This software provides you with spam filtering capabilities that prevent you from getting sucked into any spam while surfing online. McAfee Total Security offers total security to five or ten devices connected. It offers security not only against Windows and Mac but also against mobile devices.

  • On the go secure Wi-Fi- 

McAfee Total Security keeps your data safe from prying eyes while linked to public Wi-Fi when you surf online. It uses bank-grade encryption to secure your banking credentials, your location. This also offers full protection for information about your credit card, such as PIN number, user name, etc. In addition, when commuting, you can also use geo-restricted material and applications.

  • Home Network Security- 

This enhanced cybersecurity solution secures your firewall. It also blocks unauthorized access to home networks from hackers. So, that you can freely access your home network without being hacked with your confidential information.

  • McAfee Shredder- 

McAfee Shredder feature destroys all the sensitive information that you don’t require anymore permanently from your device. This is so, it should not take enough space into your device and can run your system smoothly without any virus. 

  • Password Manager- 

The best part about this product is a Password Manager feature that will secure all of your passwords and login credentials at one location. Besides this, there’s no need to remember the passwords or save them at different locations. A single password of this App gives you access to all your addresses, bank accounts, social networking sites, etc. 

Other Characteristics :

  • Using this product you can access the feature of Safe Web Browsing. In short, you can surf online freely as unwanted sites are already blocked. 
  • Encrypted Storage feature of McAfee Total Protection allows you to keep your sensitive files confidential. It has been made possible because it includes a 256 bit AES encryption facility. 
  • Performance Optimization Feature ensures that your system performance and speed remain unaffected. Also, it blocks the auto-play videos on websites so that there should be no wastage of your data. 
  • Moreover, you can also access the Security Experts and Online Support facility in case of any problem in using this product.

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